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New song ideas

2008-01-01 14:20:23 by JinDogan

Hey guys, give me some ideas on what song to remix next. I've got a few ideas already:
The Skate or Die! theme
White Land from F Zero
Death Wind from F Zero
White Land from F Zero
Port Town from F Zero
A battle song from the yuu yuu hakusho snes game
Maximum Carnage Boss song(The Mob Rules)
Boomer Kuwanger's stage from Mega Man X
Wily's Fortress Part 1 from Mega Man 3
Wily's Fortress Part 2 from Mega Man 3
Snake Man's Stage from Mega Man 3
Knight Man's stage from Mega Man 6
The Mine stages from Donkey Kong Country 2
Level 9 from Super Castlevania IV
Clockwork Mansion from Super Castlevania IV
Stage 3 from Contra 3

If you want to hear what these songs sound like, go here: